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We have always heard that learning is fun but it is actually made fun by very few. Engaging children in activities will help develop their skills and bring out their innate abilities. One such subscription box is the Groovy Lab in a Box. It seeks to develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) abilities in children so that they learn without realizing and facing the pressure of learning. The makers at the Groovy Lab in a box believe in Next-generation Science Standards (NGSS). This means they want to challenge the children with new ideas, innovative processes, and a design process. They want to provide the opportunity to imagine to children and also challenge parents, educators and all stakeholders and makes sure every child is encouraged to learn.

Groovy Subscriptions

Checkout the Groovy Subscription plans.

Monthly Subscription
Gift NoRecurring

What are the Benefits of Groovy Lab in a box?

  • It encourages independent learning
  • It develops motor abilities
  • Develops inquisitively a thinking ability
  • Keeps children engaged
  • Makes for a good family bonder

What does a Groovy Lab in a Box contain?

In a Groovy Lab in a Box, one gets to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for children aged above 8. All products of Groovy Lab in a box are child-friendly, focused and educative. Each month, a box arrives and one will receive-

  • Hands-on Projects: A project based on the theme of the month with the aim to encourage innovation and intuitive activity in the child. It has inquiry experiments and tests. Best thing is one does not have to look beyond the box for anything.
  • Engineering Design Challenge: This is included to build the engineering skills and enhance their critical thinking. In this, a kid starts to think like an engineer and analytically retain knowledge and improve problem-solving skills.
  • Lab Notebook: This 20-page custom designed subject specific lab notebook guides them through the engineering design challenge.
  • Beyond… in a box: This is an online learning platform that works with the lab notebook and kids will develop scientific inquiry, learn ideas, develop skills and actually utilize the engineering design.
  • Bonus supplies: These are extra supplies for any activities. Items like ping pong balls, fishing line, and straws are included in every box to make the process smoother, encourage innovation and generate activity.
  • An idea booklet: This idea booklet has umpteen ideas on how to use the products. Like for example, using the ruler as a bookmark. All these are mentioned making it a haven for DIY as well.


The Groovy Lab in a Box subscription program is available easily. One needs to sign up for a subscription plan.

There are two options- “Join Now” and “Gift Now”. While the renewal of join now is based on the subscription plan, Gift now is non-recurring.

Duration Pricing Plan options
Month-to-Month$29.95Monthly and Bi-Monthly
3 Months$28.95Subscription and Gift
6 Months$27.95Subscription and Gift
12 months$24.95Gift

Apart from this, all plans receive

  • When you sign up for their newsletter, you receive a 10% discount.
  • All plans enjoy free shipping in the US
  • For children aged above 8
  • Automatic renewal based on subscription
  • Extended learning through the portal
  • Door delivery and even a subscription mail every month end

How many children can use one box?

Each stem box can be used in a collaboration of four. All the information on how to be assembled is available on the online portal: Beyond…in a box. They also accept school purchases and one can place an order for up to 30 boxes.

Customer support

All boxes will take 7-10 days to arrive and they provide customer support through the mail.


The Groovy Lab in a Box is a great attempt at engaging your child with great materials that are STEM oriented. The box always has protective equipment in case of any hazards. Most materials are eco-friendly and this inculcates environmental discipline in children by way of example. The beautiful designs, retro interface, and colors of the online portal make learning more interesting. The price is justified for the quality they provide. They also have a 10% off on signing up for the newsletter and even free shipping. The Groovy lab in a Box is a wonderful learning tool that will lead to questions, more experiments and let your kids out on a great discovery. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of these.

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