Top Online Fitness and Health Courses for a Fit Lifestyle

Online courses are a great place to learn all about fitness and health at your own pace. Fitness and Health courses are affordable, easy to access from anywhere and are as good as any classroom courses, any day! These courses help you stay fit and also obtain certifications which can be used for your pursuit of fitness related jobs if they are completed from reputed sites like Udemy. Here’s a list of the top online Fitness and Health Courses.

Top Fitness and Health Courses

Strength training for beginners – Udemy

Strength training for beginners


  • Learn practical strategies on building strength and muscle
  • Lifetime access
  • Numerous videos and 7 articles
  • No wasting money on unnecessary workout programs

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Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening – Udemy

Sounds True Presents


  • Advanced Yoga practices like Vinyasa yoga which will strengthen your entire body.
  • It helps in establishing a connection between the mind and the body and relaxing your mind
  • Balance and unblock all seven chakras to restore wellness at energetic and emotional levels

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Shaw Academy – Professional Diploma in Fitness and Weight Loss

Shaw Academy


  • 300+ Interactive Lessons & Recordings
  • Free Course Toolkits & Study Material
  • 8 interactive lessons at two lessons per week
  • Advanced modules include theory lessons and practical lessons which are interactive and student-led.

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Physical Education – Fitness Training Principles and Methods

Physical Education


  • Free Course
  • Detailed Assessment
  • Certification provided
  • Detailed Understanding of four training principles: overload, specificity, reversibility, and individual
  • Ideal to include with CVs, portfolios and job applications

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Science of Exercise

Science of Exercise


  • This fitness course on Coursera, created by the University of Colorado Boulder will give you an improved understanding of your body and how it responds to exercises.
  • It will help you identify behaviors, choices and how it impacts your health.
  • Explore adjustments for your body like changes in carbohydrate and protein metabolism, causes of fatigue, muscle soreness etc.
  • Assessments to apply your knowledge to keep track of your fitness
  • Learn the health benefits of exercise.

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These are some of the top fitness courses found online, benefitted by a huge number of students. Embark on a career, or just use the knowledge for your personal self- whatever the goal, these courses will help you reach it. Check out popular sites like Alison, Udem, and Coursera for more fitness related courses. Stay Healthy!

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