The Best Linux Courses on Udemy

Linux is working framework introduced on email servers and PCs that has turned into an adaptable and powerful option in contrast to paid-for operating frameworks like Windows and macOS. Indeed, even IT experts who routinely utilize Microsoft and Apple items in the working environment can profit by an essential knowledge of Linux directions, given its commonness on servers and accessibility.

Why choose Udemy for Linux?

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to mobile and TV
  • Easy accessibility
  • Doubt session with guide and mentor
  • Full lifetime access
  • Best and top-class trainers with verified status
  • Not very expensive
  • 3 hours on-demand video

In this article, we will list 5 of the best courses offered by Udemy, which are all intended to acquaint you with Linux.

Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career

With this course, you will be able to use the in-demand Linux skills to get a promotion or begin a career as a Linux professional. With this, you will understand the basics of the Linux operating system and be capable to apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner. Also, you’ll receive a checklist and video that will teach you how to install WordPress on an Ubuntu Linux system. Also, you’ll learn what software is required for WordPress to run on a Linux system. It comes with lifetime access and a certificate of completion.

Guide: Jason Cannon

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Complete Linux Course: Become a Linux Professional

In this, you will learn all Linux skills to spearhead your career as a professional Linux administrator. You will learn to develop your skills and understand all essential tools. You can secure the environment by learning file and permissions. You will be able to –

  • Manage security
  • Deploy and configure systems
  • Virtualization on Linux
  • Operate running system

Guide: Muhammed Torkey

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Linux Mastery: Master Linux Command in 11.5 Hours

One will learn the Linux command from scratch and improve career prospects with this course. You will easily learn how to use bash scripts, search and customize open source software packages and automate boring tasks. You will use the complete Linux manual that actually empowers you to learn independently. Some skills you will learn include-

  • Data redirection
  • Connect Linux commands
  • Input-output command

Guide: Ziyad Yehia

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Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job 2018

In this online course, students will perform Linux administration like in a corporate environment. This means first-hand experience and vision on Linux operating systems. You can easily score a job after learning these 150+ Linux commands. You can gain advance systems administrations and apply for jobs. You will learn all about Linux, how to install, download and configure systems. Fundamentals will be made clear and the 10 modules will help one learn and master the course. They also have an interview workshop for aiding students.

Guide: Imran Afzal

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Linux Basics: All You Need to Know to Start

This is a 3 hours content that will help one understand Linux systems. You will learn to install Linux CentOS 7. You will be able to rename, create and delete directories and files. Linux basic commands and Linux history comprise part of the course. With this 30-day money back guarantee course, you will learn to master all basics of Linux and perform commands.

Guide: Mohamed Yehia

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