Top Electronics Courses on Udemy for Engineers

Electronics is an established field and you can apply electronics to communication, medicine and much more, even the entertainment industry. That’s why a course in electronics has tremendous value since it offers ample job opportunities in almost any field.

Where can you find Jobs for Electronics?

Those with electronics knowledge can mostly find jobs in the following fields

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics industries
  • Robotics

You can choose to be a

  • Software engineer
  • Software/chip developer
  • Design engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Electronics engineer

Here are a few courses on Udemy which will help you gain a foothold in the electronics industry.

Top Electronics Courses on Udemy

The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course

Ratings: 3.8
Students Enrolled: 4,959

Course Offerings:

  • Learn all about the concepts of electric Voltage and Current
  • Learn how most important electronic components work
  • Learn to analyze and design basic electronic circuits
  • Most important electronic components like Resistor, Capacitors, Diodes, etc.
  • The main laws governing currents and voltages
  • Interface with Microcontrollers

Who can take up this Course?

Those who want to understand how electronic components work and students interested in electronics. Electronic engineers who wish to brush up their knowledge can also opt for this course.

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Electricity & Electronics – Robotics, learn by building

Ratings: 4.6
Students Enrolled: 10,084

Course Offerings:

  • Learn to develop and build analog electronics circuits
  • Build multiple circuits after this course from sound buzzers to bionics and learn all the complexities of electronics.

Who can take up this course?

All Beginners and those passionate about electronics can opt for this course.

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Tech Explorations™ The Electronics Workbench: a Setup Guide

Ratings: 4.5
Students enrolled: 3,157

Course Offerings:

  • Get to know all about power tools, like the electric drill, the hot glue gun, and rotary tools
  • Learn about soldering tools.
  • Basics components of an electronics lab
  • Learn about simulation, CAD and electronic circuit calculators
  • Understand the use of sophisticated test instruments

Who can learn this course?

Anyone who wants to learn the basics of electronics. You can also take this course for any electronics related doubts.

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Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design

Ratings: 4.6
Students enrolled: 1,947

Course Offerings:

  • With this course, you will be able to analyze and construct any basic analog and digital circuits. You can also design printed circuit boards, assemble and get them running.
  • You will be able to use this knowledge to build and produce electronic products.
  • You will be able to use numerous CAD and design tools.

Who can learn this course?

  • Any beginner interested in learning electronics and PCB design.
  • Learn all about machines and how they work
  • Electrical or Computer Engineering students
  • Those who wish to obtain a much deeper understanding of electronics and circuit analysis/design.

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