Udemy V/s Coursera – The Ultimate Battle-Which One is better?

Twenty years ago to gain knowledge, one had to pay fees and go to a school. Now, all you need is a laptop, internet connection and a desire to learn. The boundaries of education are decreasing and this is what makes e-learning special. There are options for individuals who want to further their education as one can learn as per convenience and gain a certification in the area of interest. Nowadays getting a degree is convenient due to MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). It has captured the attention of 81 million students and has over 900 participating universities. They provide credentials like online degrees, vocational certificates, professional certificates and much more.

Advantages of MOOCs

Advantages of MOOCS

  • Learning effectiveness
  • Interactive method
  • Cost efficient
  • Less Bulky
  • Dynamic and subject to upgrades
  • Transparent and adaptable
  • The convenience of time, location
  • Reflect study patterns and student response

Udemy v/s Coursera – The Better One?

Udemy V/s Coursera
Udemy and Coursera are the A-listers among the MOOCs. Both are doing exceptionally well and provide great value to students. When one chooses to go for a course, he looks in at all the possible factors. Here we make the job easier for you.



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Udemy was founded in 2010 and is a unique learning platform as it does not collaborate with colleges or universities. The courses on Udemy are rated by the users which help in determining their credibility. The instructors are paid on the basis of the popularity of the courses.  This is why the courses may be free or paid, based on the quality of the instruction and user reviews.

So, Udemy is for the people and by the people. That is why Udemy doesn’t impart courses with credentials that is any certifications or degrees that could be recognized by universities. It is an extremely useful method to gain skills based on your demand. Udemy is used by businesses for Corporate Training on a large scale.

Features You Will Love

  • Anyone can create a course
  • Huge discounts and deals
  • Variety of instructors
  • Options to choose from
  • Udemy app for Android and iOS
  • Over 70,000 courses and counting
  • Number of users: 14 million and more
  • Easy refunds due to a 30-day Guarantee cashback policy



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Founded in 2012, Coursera is a popular MOOC. In this, courses are designed by top university professors and academic experts. One has to take part in assignments, quizzes, and even exams much like a traditional university. Each Coursera session now runs almost every month and this allows students the flexibility of shifting in case of interruptions. In the end, every completed course comes with a completion certificate that is directly shareable on platforms like LinkedIn.

It has the following learning options:

  • Courses
  • Online degrees
  • Specialization

Features You will love

  • Academic cream takes the lectures
  • Proper university format
  • Shareable certificates or degrees
  • Number of courses is over 2000 and 10 master degrees
  • Users up to 25 million and counting
  • Coursera app for Android and Apple
  • Offers free for those who need it
  • Peer assessments

What to Choose – Udemy or Coursera?

It all boils down to what you are looking for. Both these platforms provide knowledge, the scope for improvement and growth.

Choose Udemy if –

  • You are looking for specific learning requirements
  • If learning and not degree is what you want
  • You are looking for cost-effective options
  • Complete knowledge is what you seek

Choose Coursera if –

  • Academic-based courses are what you seek
  • You want to have a certificate from a specific institute
  • You want extensive courses and specialization paths
  • You want a degree course as well
  • Credibility is what you want

Final Thoughts

You can choose them based completely on preference. One can choose based on what they want in the near future. If you are looking for a degree, then choose Coursera. If you are looking to expand horizons in a particular area, go with Udemy. It all depends on what you are looking at.

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